Video: What is a good public adjuster?

What is a public adjuster?

How does a Policyholder qualify a good public insurance adjuster from a bad one? A public insurance adjuster is an independent licensed advocate that a policyholder may hire to help settle an insurance claim on their behalf.  Among the voluminous amount of information online about the insurance claim process, getting professional help from a trustworthy […]

How Some Insurance Companies Intentionally Delay, Deny and Underpay Claims

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Not all, but many bad faith Insurance companies intentionally delay, deny and underpay claims.  Of course, these tactics are improper, unethical, and immoral but in a pathetic attempt to gin up business for their defense law firm, a recent blog post targeting bad faith insurance companies outlines the benefits of purposely delaying insurance claims as an […]

Complimentary Property Damage Insurance Claim Evaluation

7 Ways Commercial Policyholders Maximize Property Damage Insurance Claims

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