How a Public Adjuster Can Help With Hurricane Insurance Claims

Hurricane season is upon us, and it can be a terrifying time. But if you have insurance coverage for your home or business, then you are likely already aware that the process of filing a claim after hurricane damage can be daunting. It’s up to you to document every loss and negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company on behalf of yourself as well as all other people who have filed claims against your policy. The problem is that this process requires many hours of work, which leaves little time to take care of other things in life like family or running your business.

The aftermath of a hurricane can be devastating to those who suffer damage from the storm. If you have homeowners or windstorm coverage and flood insurance, you will be thankful for the help that public adjusters provide. These professionals manage your claim in exchange for a fee or percentage of the payout. They work on your behalf and negotiate with the insurance company on all aspects of your claim: how much money is owed, what needs to be repaired, and what items need to be replaced. Insurance company adjusters represent their employer’s interests; they are not impartial like public adjusters are.

Anyone who suffers damage from a hurricane will be thankful if they have homeowners or windstorm coverage and flood insurance. But much work lies ahead. Filing claims for major damage can be a full-time job because you must document every loss and negotiate a fair settlement. Omissions and missteps you make can mean a lower payout.

That’s where public insurance adjusters come in. These professionals manage the claim for you in exchange for a fee or percentage of the insurance payout. While insurance company adjusters represent the insurer’s interests, public insurance adjusters represent you. Their job is to get you every dollar to which you’re entitled.


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