Fallen Tree Property Damage from Texas Freeze Insurance Claims

Does insurance cover property damaged by fallen tree in the ice storm? Most policies DO pay for damages from falling objects, like trees.
Many policies provide some coverage to remove trees or limbs that fell due to storm damage and damage to your house or business. Trees and limbs falling in your yard usually aren’t covered.
If you can’t stay in your home because of damage covered by your policy, your homeowners’ or renters’policy may pay for a hotel or rental.
Here’s what you should do to file an insurance claim.
1. Determine if the cost to repair or replace property covered by your policy is more than your deductible. If yes, file a claim with your insurer or agent promptly.
2. Document, photograph, and make a list of all the damaged property.
3. Make temporary repairs where you need to.
4. Save your receipts for reimbursement. Your policy should cover materials and labor used to make repairs.
5. If you need help settling your claim fairly and promptly contact ICRS public adjusters.

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