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ICRS Public adjusters are licensed by the state department of insurance. We exclusively represent POLICYHOLDERS in settling property damage insurance claims.

Who Do You Trust To Handle Your Insurance Claim?

Insurance Companies Have Experts Working For Them…You Should Too! ™

The Public Insurance Adjusters at Insurance Claim Recovery Support (ICRS) exclusively represent insured policyholders.   We professionally document your loss scope and estimated costs, prepare your claim file, interpret your policy, meet with your insurer’s adjusters, negotiate and settle your property damage insurance claim in your policy on your behalfPolicyholders trust ICRS public adjusters to deliver the insurance claim settlement they deserve.

As a leading public insurance adjusting firm in Texas, we vigorously fight for the benefits you are entitled to be indemnified under your policy.  Public insurance adjusters are the ONLY type of claims adjuster licensed by the state department of insurance who exclusively represents a policyholder in appraising and negotiating first party insurance claims.

Why it matters: ICRS Public Adjusters (P.A.’s) are licensed insurance adjusters who exclusively work FOR POLICYHOLDERS.  We do not work for insurance companies, ever.  We are authorized to legally assist insured policyholders, interpret policy, negotiate settlements and act as your agent (similar to a tax preparer or a real estate agent) to recover the policy benefits you are entitled to under a covered loss at a fraction of the cost (10% vs 40% +/-) and time of an attorney and without any conflicts of interest of unlicensed contractors (vendors).  We compel insurers to perform!

Policyholders and Contractors are urged to review Texas Department of Insurance regarding adjusting claims by unlicensed individuals and entities which explains how general
contractors and roofing companies are not authorized to adjust insurance claims.  Reputable vendors do play an important role in the recovery process BUT…negotiating, interpreting policies or holding out as an “insurance claims specialist” is not an activity roofers or general contractors are authorized to perform.  They cannot adjust insurance claims for policyholders or your insurance company.

We have proudly delivered recoveries from property damage caused by storm damage, hail, wind, fire, water and other perils that vastly improved the financial futures of those we represent such as:  schools, apartments, condominiums, commercial office, retail and industrial buildings, as well as places of worship.

Our goal is to get your insurance claim settled promptly and fairly.  Whether you are dealing with an initial, delayed, underpaid, denied or a complex property damage insurance claim, bring it to ICRS and get it handled for you.

We solely work on behalf of the insured policyholder, NOT the insurance company, EVER!  Get the individual attention you deserve and experience of settling large complicated claims on your side.


“When my home at the Oak Hill Y suffered a partial fire loss in April of 2011, I immediately hired Insurance Claim Recovery Support (ICRS). They saved me a ton of time and headaches plus helped me get an additional 47% over what my insurance company offered me and fees included! ICRS took care of all the paperwork and guided me through my policyholder rights step by step and helped me get the results I needed to finally be settled again.”

Jeff Morehead

“I recently hired ICRS to help me out on an insurance claim. I own several rental properties and one of them was recently vandalized by copper thieves. I attempted to work directly with my insurance company to settle the claim however when I received the check I was shocked. I called ICRS and spoke with Scott and he jumped on the case immediately. Within 30 days I received a check more than double the amount originally offered. Scott and his team were true professionals throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend ICRS to anyone who has an insurance claim if you truly want a fair settlement. Thank you ICRS!!!”

Darel Daik

“Insurance Claim Recovery Support did a great job for me! My claim was settled in less than 2 months.  I couldn’t be happier!”

Sam Goldman

We the church Board of New Mt Carmel B.C is sending a note of appreciation for the outstanding  service you and your company provided for our congregation,  the professionalism, courtesy,  and efficiency made it comfortable for our congregation you will be HIGHLY recommended to others through out the community in need of your service.

Richard Sims

Scott was hired as our independent adjuster on several roof claims.  He did a great job which resulted in successful claims.

Russell Trippet – President of Brothers Management

It was a real pleasure doing business with you.  We were most impressed with your diligence, persistence and the speed at which you settled this claim.  Thank you.

Jack Chitayat

We greatly appreciate the excellent services that ICRS provided us on a home insurance claim. During the time Scott Friedson worked on our case, he made us feel we were his most important clients. He was very well prepared to rebut the claims our insurance company was making. If we had not had hired ICRS, we would not have won the case. The money we received from the settlement was sufficient to make the repairs. Scott’s biggest asset is being a very trustworthy person.

Atlantic Realty Group

Thank you Scott for your efforts and persistence! You exposed the log jam we had and all the barriers that were thrown up at us and the lack of good faith in the part of the insurance company to even negotiate with us was paramount in our claim settlement.  Thank you so much, I appreciate everything you’ve done for us.

Rosalba Andrade

NO CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, NO RECOVERY, NO FEE! Every policyholder needs an ally. ™

Home Owners, Commercial Building Owners and Property Management Companies trust ICRS to expedite the insurance claim process for a prompt and fair settlement.

Why Hire ICRS?  Insurance companies have staffs of in-house or “independent” adjusters.  Although some may call themselves “independent adjusters”, remember, they work as agents to serve the interests of the insurance company….not you!  ICRS licensed Public Adjusters level the playing field and represent only the interests of YOU, the insured policyholder.

What Can ICRS Do for You?  You have a consumer right to hire a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster to serve as your insurance claim adjuster.  ICRS not only advocate to document, investigate, negotiate and settle your claim on your behalf under a contingency fee arrangement in most states.  ICRS to legally compel your insurance company to process your claim.

SO WHAT?  Insurance claims can require lots of hours and specialized knowledge to reach a settlement.  Typical insurance policy language requires Policyholders to document and prove your claim to the insurance company.  Insurance claims over $50,000.00 in damage are usually considered “large loss” claims.  Settling any insurance claim is a process. Your insurance company not only deals with the claim process daily, they invented it.  Executing the process effectively requires laborious details and expertise which most people simply do not have have the skills, resources or patience to handle alone.   Getting professional help may be the best risk management decision you’ll ever make!

CAN I DO IT MYSELF?  There is a big difference between knowing a path and walking one.  Interpreting policies, documenting damage, on-site meetings, building consultants, engineers, forensic data, claim correspondence, state insurance code statutes, negotiating settlements, processing paperwork and knowing the next step in the process toward receiving a prompt insurance claim settlement for maximum policy benefit is time consuming and overwhelming.

WHO CAN I TRUST?  You can count on the professional Public Adjusters at ICRS to address all of your concerns.  Whether you just filed a property damage insurance claim or are dealing with a claim that has been underpaid or stalled out, the time to call us is now!  Time is almost always working against the policyholder.

HOW DO I TAKE ACTION?  Don’t wait for your insurance claim to be underpaid, delayed or denied!
If you are experiencing any of these circumstances, whether you just initiated a new property damage insurance claim or are dealing with an ongoing Underpaid or Denied settlement, then contact us to learn how an ICRS licensed public adjuster can help you today.

Put our years of experience successfully adjusting property damage insurance claim settlements to work for you.

Our licensed experts package your claim file for carrier submission and negotiate a fair and prompt insurance settlement. We take the burden off of you and handle your Storm Damage, Fire, Hail, Wind, Water, Ice, Pipe burst, Hurricane, Tornado, Flood, Collapse, Lightning, Vandalism, or other disaster Property Damage, Business Interruption or Equipment losses insurance claim for you, pro-policyholder.
Everybody deserves a fair and prompt settlement.


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Insurance Companies Have Experts Working For Them, You Should Too!™

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